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Self Managed Super Fund

Self Managed Super Fund

The number of Self-Managed Super Funds has dramatically increased in recent years with more people wishing to take control of their super.

What exactly is a Self Managed Super Fund?

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a superannuation fund established for the benefit of between1-4 members who are also the trustees of the fund. These funds allow the members to control how the fund operates and what investments are undertaken for retirement.

What are the benefits?

An SMSF provides control over your superannuation assets and allows you the flexibility to decide how your funds are invested and how the fund is to operate within the appropriate guidelines.

You have a choice to implement an investment strategy that aligns with your goals. With the specific investment needs of members and greater control over investment strategies the fund can invest in a wide range of investments including property, shares, cash or any other assets. Opportunities also exist for your SMSF to borrow to invest.

What many investors don’t know is that SMSF lending is significantly different from obtaining regular residential or commercial loan and this is where our team can assist you every step of the way. In order to get a fast approval and a competitive interest rate, it pays to deal with finance professionals who have expertise in the SMSF space. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation chat about your situation by completing the form on your right.

5 Reasons To Contact Lending Consortium For A No-Obligation SMSF

Lending Discussion

1. Our team Certified Financial Professionals are able to quickly complete documents that often delay the loan process.
2. Our expertise enables us to navigate the complex SMSF loan process on your behalf so you achieve your goals faster with less stress.
3. Tailor-made solutions… We use our lender network to get you the terms that fit your needs.
4. Step-by-step guidance… New to property SMSF property investment? We’re by your side from every step of the way.
5. We liaise with your financial planner, your accountant and the funder because finance should be simple We have the capacity and expertise to handle even complex transactions that other mortgage brokers often won’t touch.

Whether your situation is relatively standard, unusual or complex we can certainly help you. Through partner alliances we can devise a strategy that works for you too.

Our Finance Specialists can make this possible, assisting you every step of the way!

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