Run your business whilst preserving working capital

If you run a small business, at some stage you’ll need equipment for your day-to-day operations. What do you do when you don’t have cash readily available to buy the equipment you need?

Using finance to lease or buy assets could be the solution. You can finance just about any type of equipment, for example:

  • computers and software
  • faxes and copiers
  • motor vehicles and trucks
  • earth moving and agricultural
  • printing
  • medical
  • office furniture
  • telecommunications

How does financing help your business?

An equipment finance loan is at a fixed rate, so you know exactly how much it’s costing you each month. Your cash flow and working capital are preserved and your line of credit isn’t tied up on large purchases.

If you’re thinking about new equipment for your business, we can provide you with a variety of financing solutions from a wide range of lenders for all types of equipment. Approval turnaround is quick and competitive interest rates assured.

If you’d like to know more about our equipment financing service, please call us on 1300 559 917